"House of Auctions: a place where hammer blows, paintings, jewellery, free appraisals, exhibitions, workshops and where all buyers and sellers can find an answer to their questions."

Indeed, our studies want to be welcoming, dynamic and rigorous in order to best meet the expectations of our customers.
To achieve this, we have surrounded ourselves with an expert, available and competent team.

The House of Auctions is located in Ollioules in the Var and is divided into two parts:


Judicial Auction House

managed by Maître Marie Trevoux, judicial and authorized auctioneer


Voluntary Auction House

managed by Mrs Amel Lecomte, gemmologist and former appraiser of the Toulon Pawnshop.
Beyond the sales, the Maison des Enchères is a cultural and art world player. It is a place that we wish to be open, friendly and above all lively.
Through our workshops and conferences, we wish to create an exchange between amateurs, novices or collectors.

The team

Marie Trevoux
Judicial auctioneer


Amel Lecomte